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National Advisors For Self Directed IRA Wealth Building

Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC Company Overview

Asset Exchange Strategies, located near Austin Texas is a consortium of financial professionals who educate individuals about the benefits of self directed IRAs available to them in the tax code, and how to utilize retirement plans to employ non-traditional assets such as real estate. AES specific area of expertise is in the alternative investment options for retirement plans such as Self Directed IRA, SEPs, Simple IRAs and 401(k) plans. These plans provide tax-deferred growth, and allow the individual(s) to gain checkbook control over assets and monies. Similar to a traditional financial advisor, AES works with investors to assess their unique objectives, risk tolerance and other factors, educate them on options, and institute a program that allows them to select from a much greater breadth of investment choices.  By using their
knowledge of industry regulations AES is able to provide lower fees and greatly expanded investment options.

Main Street Alternative Asset Planners (MAAP) Company Overview

MAAP is the asset management company owned by the same principles.  The mission of MAAP is to help investors, design a non-traditional asset portfolio with the following areas identified through independent advisers: Risk Tolorence, Asset Allocation, Exit Strategy www.mainstreetplanners.com

AES provides complete support, advice and reporting for non-traditional IRA and 401k investments

AES has the benefit of the expertise of tax attorneys, CPA’s, real estate agents, and other financial experts to identify the appropriate expertise, methodology and tools to enable investors to have greater control over self directed IRA investment transactions and reduce risks and liability through the protection of a Self Directed IRA LLC and Self Directed 401k. This use of tax dollars creates wealth for their clients, client’s family, and for generations to come if desired.

AES Education Division provides pertinent products that educate and guide individuals, real estate professionals, franchise investors, CPA's and other advisers and financial experts who wish to understand the benefits of, and learn how to implement self directed IRA retirement investing. Over thirty five education products on self directed IRA investing at available at IRATraining.com.

Verify Company History at:

Better Business please use the phone number 512 528-0801 in the phone location to log in Verify at Better Business Bureau.

AES web site was up and running months before their competition had opened its doors Verify at http://www.dnsstuff.com/where-are-my-results

An interview by On Wall Street was conducted on Sept 1, 2004 interviewing Cordoba on Self Directed IRAs.  Interview was actually conducted 4 months previously - two years before their closest competitor was in business.

Franchise Network Launched

In 2010 the company launched the Asset Exchange Franchise Network because of the desire from the market to be able to do business with the "local guy". Past affiliation with equity market organizations provided the company with a solid foundation to build a financial advisory firm focusing on non-traditional assets.

IRS Scrutiny

AES products are designed to meet the requirement of the tax-code. Specifically, AES self directed plans are compliant to IRS tax code (IRC 4975, publication 590 and code 408). To date AES is aware of 50 units (structured plans) that have been audited; all have passed the structure test. The IRS demands that these plans provide complete compliance to the code and exclusive benefit to the retirement plan.  However, many competitor products that are touted as compliant products to the IRS code are merely modifications of standard business entities – they have produced problems for clients when tragedy occurs such as death or disability. 


AES clients include individuals, real estate professionals, franchise investors, CPA's, other advisers and financial experts, congressional representatives, IRS employees, attorneys, television celebrities, and most consummate ‘investors’.


Asset Exchange Strategies, LLC and/or their owners have received three distinctive awards in recent years.  2009 Five Star Wealth Manager Award by Crescendo Business and Texas Monthly Magazine, 2009 and 2010 Financial Services Award by United States Commerce Association and 2010 America's Top Financial Advisor Award.  As far as we know all of these awards have been by third party recommendation and all have a ‘third party’ qualification process. 

Dunn and Bradstreet declare the firm to be a low credit risk company.  Lexus Nexus has provided favorable third party due diligence intelligence for inquiring entities and individuals.


First in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager for 2010 & 2009, By US Chamber of Commerce

Top Financial Advisors by Americas Top Advisors

Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager for 2009" by Texas Monthly

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