Daniel Cordoba
Self Directed IRA and 401k

Strategist - Author - Speaker
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About Daniel Cordoba

Knowledge Leader on Self Directed IRA & 401k Investing

Daniel Cordoba has an extensive reputation as the expert and knowledge leader on Self Directed IRA and Self Directed 401k retirement investing. He is quoted and featured in numerous high-end media. He is sought out for advice, consulting services, and education products through his company Asset Exchange Strategies.

He has a diverse background, and he is experienced in strategizing and executing self directed IRA investment plans, the logistics of successful mergers/acquisitions, advising on financial and insurance planning, and managing engineers in high-tech companies.

Non-Traditional Asset Adviser
After over a decade of advising people on self-directed retirement accounts and investments in assets a new venture was formed, Main Street Alternative Asset Planners (MAAP).  MAAP helps investors diversify into non-traditional asset classes in much the same way a traditional investment advisor would help them.  Risk, suitability and exit strategies are included in the planning stages along with with return on investment.

Self Directed IRA Strategist

Daniel is a Self Directed IRA Advisor and an expert at assisting people to plan and strategize their IRA objectives with the goal of replenishing and controlling their retirement funds. AES offers a vast array of services and products to identify their client's specific needs, identify risk, return on investment and exit strategies.

Self Directed IRA and 401k Educator

AES mission is to provide pertinent products that educate and guide individuals, real estate professionals, franchise investors, CPA's and other advisers and financial experts who wish to understand the benefits of, and learn how to implement self directed IRA investing. AES offers over thirty-five education products on Self Directed IRA investing at IRATraining.com.

Author - From Wall Street To Main Street Book Series

He has authored and published four books in his From Wall Street To Main Street book series.

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